Axioms of the Will (I)

  1. Nothing resists the will of man when he knows the truth and wills the good.
    COMMENTARY. The Truth is the Idea identical with Being. Will means altering Being in conformance with the Idea. The True Idea is. To will the good is to will the Idea.
  2. To will evil is to will death. A perverse will is the beginning of suicide.
    COMMENTARY. Evil is disorder, chaos, formlessness, multiplicity. To will evil, then, is to will dissolution.
  3. To will good with violence is to will evil, for violence produces disorder and disorder produces evil.
    COMMENTARY. The Will of God is actionless action. Violence is its opposite and is destructive of order.
  4. One can, and one should, accept evil as the means of good; but one must never will it or do it, otherwise one would destroy with one hand what one builds with the other. Good faith never justifies bad means; it corrects them when one undergoes them, and condemns them when one takes them.
    COMMENTARY. Evil increases the virtue of the wise but corrupts the weak.
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