The Magician and Individuation

There is a reason why Valentin Tomberg worked on his Meditations in private for so long. If he had been publishing them piece by piece over time, he would have encountered opposition, arguments, disputes, etc., so that seems to be a common response to new ideas. That would have dissipated his energy needlessly. We see that, for example, in social media that give rise to arguments that do not lead to a greater synthesis, but harden attitudes instead.

The point is that the Meditations do not constitute a new teaching, doctrine, or dogma, but rather they give us the tools to understand sacred teachings in greater depth. Only by changing our level of being can we get the most out of the Meditations. Although clarifications are worthwhile, disputations are not.

Last year or so, a woman contacted me about the Tarot Meditations. She was a wealthy Palm Beach socialite who attended Mass daily and wanted to deepen her spirituality. After several email exchanges, we met for lunch. She went on and on about her Jungian psychoanalysis. She had an analyst in Palm Beach who did house calls because the socialite did not like to drive. There was another one in California that she consulted from time to time.

She emphasized that the analysts were quite expensive, especially the one in California. I was getting the feeling that she did not respect my work because I was not charging for it. Of course, as you probably know, there are many sources who charge a substantial fee to teach the Tarot. Good luck with that if that is what you respect.

Finally, I butted in and asked the obvious question: “How do you know when you are done with the analysis?” That left her visibly flummoxed! She had never even considered that question.

I went on to explain about “Individuation”, which is the aim of Jungian analysis. I offered to work with her on that. However, after lunch she sent me an email breaking off our relationship.

So to the point. Tomberg describes the state of consciousness of the Magician as “the synthesis of the conscious and the unconscious — of creative spontaneity and deliberately executed activity.” Tomberg explicitly identifies that state with what Carl Jung described as “individuation”. Moreover, it is required for “fruitfulness in both practical and intellectual realms.”

In Taoism, this state is described as the True Man.

To cut to the chase, we all need to work through that process of individuation, the formation of an integrated Self. That is not the RESULT of the Hermetic teaching, but rather the PREREQUISITE to even get started. After all, it begins with the Magician.

There are many resources available on individuation, and it may even be a good topic for discussion for those inclined. If you need a kick start, then perhaps this short video may help:
Individuation, the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self