The Word is made Flesh

La Papesse

The Spirit blows wherever He wants, and you hear His voice, but you do not know where He is coming from nor where He is going; so it is with everyone born of the Spirit. ~ John 3:8

The breath of the Spirit is the pure act of intelligence, arising from the Silence. So how do you hear his voice? We read in Meditations on the Tarot:

The pure act is unknowable in itself; it is only its reflection which makes it perceptible, comparable, and comprehensible; in other words, it is thanks to its reflection that we become conscious of it.

The Spirit is active principle and the Virgin is the passive, reflecting principle, like the calm surface of a body of water. It takes the two conditions for the conscious experience of the Holy Spirit, or Kingdom of God. As Jesus tells Nicodemus in his nocturnal visit:

Amen, amen, I say to you that a man cannot enter the Kingdom of God without being born of Water and the Spirit. ~ John, 3:5

The Water represents consciousness. The reflection of the pure activity of the Holy Spirit will be distorted unless that consciousness is itself pure. Two qualities are necessary, one pertaining to the Mind, the other to the Will: it must be

free of false ideologies, beliefs, and dogmas
free of the cloudiness of the imagination, passions, and personal desires

Reintegrated consciousness, the Kingdom of God, or the Primordial state requires a rebirth in the Spirit and Water, to be able to hear the Spirit and reflect it accurately. This is how the Word expresses the Silence.

The Word is made flesh by the Holy Spirit through the Virgin Mary.

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  1. Virginal or Pure Consciousness–the absence of conflicting desires, passions, thoughts, images and even the sense of self is preparatory, the Passive moment.

    Activity is by the Holy Spirit who shines into the one so prepared. But this must not be confused with Quietism. The stillness arises to invite the descent of the Holy Spirit and the renewal of Baptism and the Birth of the Lord in ourselves.

    We attain activity again, rising from the still, virginal waters to meet our Lord, if in Awe, then by Awe, if by Love, then by Love…Awe and Love the dual movement of the spirit as it arise from the Virginal state in prayer.

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