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This is the Welcome message that went out to the Medtarot discussion group. It explains the ground rules and the purpose of the group.

Welcome to this discussion list on Meditations on the Tarot. There are over 50 subscribers at this point. That should be sufficient to sustain a discussion considering the impact of attrition or lack of interest. You can post to the list by clicking the Reply button on your email reader or by sending an email to [address hidden]. Although we know that certain agencies may be collecting metadata, there should still be some expectation of privacy. In particular, discussions must not be made public; people may be in the process of development and should not be bound to their earlier opinions, or sometimes information of a personal nature may be posted.

I will keep enrollment open for a little while, until we reach the point where there is a danger of losing continuity. However, current subscribers can invite a friend at any point. Many of you know me in some sense, many may not. I accept that things do not happen by accident so that certain souls may gather together for a purpose, often from their depths, and which they seldom are able to remember. So remember we are together for a purpose, bonds will form, but do not be surprised that bonds may also break.

I have been involved in previous endeavors like this, so I can anticipate the dangers. Some people get angry about another’s opinions and skirmishes arise. Others may have an agenda apart from the group will. I intend to prevent such disruptions. Should anyone become displeased with this group, he is free to start his own; I will give him the opportunity to publicize it once on this list.

Paradoxically, a good discussion begins with silence rather than talk. One must clear the mind of stray opinions, random thoughts, fixed ideas, and so on; such a mind can then be receptive. Unsupported assertions benefit no one, particularly the asserter. What is more important are the reasons because they can be the aim of a discussion. It is important to meditate often. For example, the first letter deals with concentration, so we ought to make efforts in that direction. The task is not to force it, since we aspire to concentration without effort, and still less to berate ourselves when we find we have lost concentration, but simply to observe what was going on that led to the loss of concentration. Determine what event or, better, what thought broke concentration.

So in our discussions we will force ourselves to concentrate on one particular point and not wander into irrelevancies. Ponder that before you click send.

The Tarot is not a means to “improve your life”. Some may make promises to bring you understanding about different parts of your life. However, the goal is reintegration, i.e., making oneself whole again. So compartmentalizing your life into work, play, relationships, etc., is the very opposite of what we want to achieve. Still less is it about fortune telling and I hope no one is here for that. This is not solely for our benefit; by participating, we will keep the Hermetic tradition alive in one way or another. English only speakers have a disadvantage, since so much material is available only in French. I will offer translations of certain texts as my contribution. I will also be using the French text of the Letters and will make corrections to the authorized translation as necessary. You will make contributions in your own areas of interest; I’m hoping that from among all the writers that Tomberg discusses, some among you may have some degree of expertise in their ideas.

Although this list is not primarily about me, as the host, it will be unavoidable that my own personal equation will often intrude. I hope that is not too annoying. Consider this as akin to an invitation to a banquet. You go to enjoy what is proffered; you participate in the festivities; you engage in the conversation. In that way, there is a benefit to the host and the guests. However, if you insist on bringing your own bucket of fried chicken, you would be considered rude and a boor; I will deal with you appropriately.

Ultimately, spiritual friends will come to a common mind. Ekartshausen wrote: “Men do not agree on their conceptions; the scholars dispute among themselves; and, where there is dispute, there is not yet truth.” Our aim is truth and that is how we know we have reached it.

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  1. I received two emails from you but not this one. Is there even a group because if I didn’t get this email others may not have either. I would also suggest adding a contact page to your website.

    1. Please check your spam folders.
      All messages can be found in the archive for the mailing list.

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